A little About Dawn 'til Dusk.

My name is Paul Rees.   My wife Brenda and I formed Dawn 'til Dusk in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2007.

After experiencing years of poor management services for our own investment properties, and also for our out of state investors, we opened the "doors" of Dawn 'til Dusk.

Our experience has been that the larger management companies were reluctant to take on single home investments, or already had too many clients to offer the quality of management services that we were looking for.

It has also been our experience, that most property management companies have little or no understanding for budget or time consideration when placing tenants. 

Our experience is vast, in not only managing and maintaining our rental properties, but also holding the title of "Home Owners Association President" for 5 years.

To better our serve our current and future clients:

*Paul holds a valid Realtors License and would be happy to assist you in purchasing or selling a home in or around the Indianapolis area.

*Paul also holds a Bachelor's Degree in "Business Administration and Sales".  Brenda holds Certifications for "Dynamic Selling Power" and "Transactional Analysis and Customer Treatment" (TACT).


Dawn 'til Dusk Management offers business & management services for Single Family Homes, Apartments, Condo's, Commercial Properties and Home Owners Associations.

General Administration, banking, email and phone correspondence with the Client.

With having a valid Realtors License we are happy to assist Clients in purchasing or selling homes in or around the Indianapolis area.

Detailed reports of the property renovations with digital pictures.

Thorough screening of all future tenants.

Personally execute the collection of monthly rent checks, thus enabling us to perform monthly exterior inspections of the property in addition to the bi-annual interior walk through inspections which is contractually agreed upon by the tenant.

The ability to "rehab" a property's appearance and prepare for market readiness. 

Detailed visual records, including before and after pictures are taken for each room and the exterior of the property.

The property is advertised by the means of location yard signs, Online Services & Local Newspaper listings at the expense of the client.

The property is scheduled and shown to the perspective tenant, at a time that is most convenient to the prospective tenant, regardless of After Hours or Public Holidays.

Yard maintenance is also available to the client, which also provides an extra opportunity perform inspections of the property.

* We have the ability to represent the Client with small claims legal issues.  With our detailed picture records, we have been very successful in resolving situations.